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What is ISNetworld® ? ISN’s online database, ISNetworld, is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers from capital-intensive industries.

ISN collects safety, procurement, sustainability, quality and regulatory information from contractors and suppliers, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format. This allows corporations to select those resources that best meet internal and governmental requirements, while providing contractors/suppliers the opportunity to centralize their information, save time and gain presence in the marketplace. Through its innovative data-systems, superior customer service and global reach, ISN fosters safer work environments, stronger partnerships and a healthier bottom-line.

Each ISNetworld subscriber has access to the features and services outlined below, along with a host of others. Review & Verification Services (RAVS® ) ISN's Review and Verification Services (RAVS) is the industry-leading provider of health, safety and procurement data verification. Our subject matter experts review and verify self-reported contractor information, incorporating a level of due diligence to assess the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the data.

Additional Tools Available in ISNetworld Operator/Training Qualifications (OQ/TQ™ ) ISN’s OQ/TQ tool facilitates the recordkeeping requirement of individual-level qualifications to meet regulatory requirements. Owner Clients and contractors utilize OQ/TQ to manage task list requirements and monitor compliance. Qualifications sent by Third Party Data Providers afford an additional level of verification.

 Site Tracker ISN’s Site Tracker tool allows Owner Clients to track contractors’ work hours, incidents, near misses and driving statistics on a monthly basis. SmartLog™ ISN’s SmartLog tool helps contractors track near misses and recordable incidents throughout the year, ensuring all records are up-to-date. Injury and illness logs and summaries can be generated and printed at any time.

 Training Manager The Trainings Manager tool assists companies with managing their employee trainings. The tool lets supervisors publish course catalogs, establish training requirements and schedule courses. Supervisors can run reports to ensure employees have met training requirements. 



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